AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-07-27Use CMake to build the gameAngelo Theodorou
- Remove pkgconf from the makedepends array - Add cmake to the makedepends array - Rename the "version" custom variable to "_version"
2021-04-14Update client and data to Theodorou
- Use GitHub release archive for sources - Add sdl2_ttf to the depends array - Remove git from the makedepends array - Update the list of installed data files
2020-09-19Remove gzip from the makedepends arrayAngelo Theodorou
- The gzip package is already installed as part of the base-devel group
2020-09-19Migrate explicit git clone to a VCS source lineAngelo Theodorou
2020-08-30Update to Theodorou
- Update data to - Add pkgconf to the makedepends array
2020-01-15Update to Theodorou
- Update data to - Update dependency arrays
2018-12-17Update to Theodorou
2018-10-07Update to Theodorou
- Modify to use data package included with GitHub release
2015-08-23Update to 1.9.4Angelo Theodorou
- Update all dependency arrays - Install launch script, man pages and icons from source
2015-07-07Initial importAngelo Theodorou