AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-05-14add ccache to makedependsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-05-09up ver and cleanup backusp declarationCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-05-08make pkgbuild work by stripping dash from version if its there in betaCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-04-29mark etc files as backup filesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-02-06add ddcutil opt dep as per upstream developmentCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2019-10-06remove xcb depends and make bluez-libs requiredCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2019-07-12change wayland option to mesonCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2019-01-12expand dependencies to be more functional at a minimum and doc opt depsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
better docs for optional deps so you know what they really are needed for and move some to hard deps because they are pretty essential for general functionality to seem full for most systems.
2018-12-21update build depends moreCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-12-21update architectures to be more expansiveCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-03-23add performance note to PKGBUILD for those on nvidia + x11Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-12-04update version hashCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-11-08update srcinfoCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-10-28split deps string into 2Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-10-03srcinfo updateCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-10-03fix git url properlyCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-10-03update git src url to use httpsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-09-17add meson as a make depCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-09-03update e pkgbuild to current upstream and have wayland work fullyCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
also move to meson as build system (much faster and maintained in git - autofoo is likely to go soon).
2017-09-03fix up contributor/maintainer and put me on top as maintainer nowCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-08-15Updated the .SRCINFO fileGavin Fernandes
2017-08-15Removed the unnecessary 'wayland' dependencyGavin Fernandes
Also removed packages from optdepends that were already present in depends. (Thanks to AJSlye for pointing it out)
2017-06-13Added wayland and xwayland as dependenciesGavin Fernandes
Autoconf throws an error when building without these. checking for Xwayland... no configure: error: Xwayland enabled but not found.
2016-07-30Doesn't use mesa directly anymoreDoug Newgard
2016-04-27Remove redundant install scriptDoug Newgard
2016-03-28Change elementaary dep to eflDoug Newgard
2015-09-30Enable Wayland supportDoug Newgard
2015-05-23Use string formater for printfDoug Newgard
2015-04-05Remove old, useless optionsDoug Newgard
2015-04-05Add geoclue2 optdepDoug Newgard
2015-03-18pixman no longer neededDoug Newgard
2015-03-18Remove old menu from backup arrayDoug Newgard
2014-06-16Bluez module actually requires bluez4, not just the libsDoug Newgard
2014-06-11Add new menu file to backup array; remove old one laterDoug Newgard
2014-05-12Add bc optdepDoug Newgard
2014-05-04Stop the echo on every upgradeDoug Newgard
2014-05-04Tools aren't ready to use pkgbase like this, switch back to _pkgnameDoug Newgard
2014-04-12Template updateDoug Newgard
2014-03-18Update pkgver functionDoug Newgard
2014-03-18Remove old references to E17Doug Newgard
2014-01-19Add packagekit optdepDoug Newgard
2014-01-08Rename package to enlightenment-gitDoug Newgard
2014-01-05Initial commit after losing everythingDoug Newgard