AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-08update to 1.8.10E23Mike Pento
2019-02-09Update to 1.8.7E21Mike Pento
2018-01-21Fixed xdg-icon-resource errorMike Pento
2018-01-20Updated udev rulesMike Pento
2016-08-29Upgrade to Energia 18Will Price
2016-01-30Bump version numberWill Price
2016-01-30Replace udev rules with TI provided rulesWill Price
2016-01-29Symlink rxtx library with all arch suffixesWill Price
2015-12-24Update srcinfo for v17Will Price
2015-12-24Update to v17Will Price
2015-09-04Update to v16Will Price
2015-08-03Initial importWill Price