AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-01Update description.Lubosz Sarnecki
2020-03-01Remove raspberrypi dep from armv6h, there are other arm platforms.Lubosz Sarnecki
2020-03-01remove redundant build deps.Lubosz Sarnecki
2020-03-01Make namcap happy, remove redundant deps and add missing curl.Lubosz Sarnecki
2020-03-01Make indent consistent, note about missing install target. build release.Lubosz Sarnecki
2020-03-01update maintainer.Lubosz Sarnecki
2020-03-01update version to r503.Lubosz Sarnecki
2019-02-19Add missing dependencies and update versioning schemePatryk Szalanski
2017-10-04Removed step that deleted src directoryPatryk Szalanski
2017-05-13Added missing vlc dependencyPatryk Szalanski
2017-05-12Fixed build, removed unneeded psp patchPatryk Szalanski
2017-05-12Switched to RetroPie fork, including sourcePatryk Szalanski
2017-05-12Switched to RetroPie forkPatryk Szalanski
2017-02-03ignore build dir if existsJohnathan Jenkins
2017-02-03include patch for psp scapperJohnathan Jenkins
2017-02-03include patch for psp scapperJohnathan Jenkins
2016-06-12new upstream urlJohnathan Jenkins
2016-05-24upstream source changesJohnathan Jenkins
2015-08-08initJohn ShaggyTwoDope Jenkins