AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-30upgpkg: electrum-mona 4.0.2-1Musee Ullah
2019-11-15upgpkg: electrum-mona 3.3.8-1Musee Ullah
2019-05-19Add pip to makedependsMusee Ullah
2019-05-113.3.4 initial releaseMusee Ullah
2018-09-07Fix locale download for Ullah
2018-04- releaseMusee Ullah
2018-04-01Add python-websocket-client to dependenciesMusee Ullah
2018-04-013.1.2 release, remove patch (fixed upstream #4136)Musee Ullah
2018-03-18Add pycryptodomex as a dependencyMusee Ullah
2018-03-183.1.1 releaseMusee Ullah
2018-02-073.0.6 releaseMusee Ullah
2018-01-08Update to 3.0.5Musee Ullah
2018-01-07Update to 3.0.4Musee Ullah
2017-12- release, update pyqt4 dependency to pyqt5Musee Ullah
2017-11-083.0.1 releaseMusee Ullah
2017-08-25Some PKGBUILD fixesMusee Ullah
2017-08- releaseMusee Ullah