AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-12-223.3.3Marcel O'Neil
* Added native elliptic curve cryptography using libsecp256k1 (1000x speedup on tx signing in some cases) * MacOS QR Reader now works. * Windows QR Reader now works. * Various performance fixes -- app should be able to handle much larger wallets now with many UTXOs * Nework layer fixups * Updated Checkpoint to the BCH chain. * Various minor UI gltiches fixed * MacOS binary size significantly reduced * Support for OP_RETURN parameters to bitcoincash: URL * Allow 1-of-1 multisig wallets * Server list update
2018-11-143.3.2Marcel O'Neil
* UTXO (coin) level freezing (accessible from Coins tab) * Bugfix to network code reared its head when user switches forks in unlikely circumstances * Checkpoint code (ElectrumX 1.4) protocol upgrade for faster blockchain header downloads * Updated servers list * BitPay support now works flawlessly * Fork icon indicates chain splits to allow user to select an alternate chain * UI glitches fixed * Various bug fixes (address exceptions) * Translations on Windows working again * More Spanish language translations!
2018-10-17Modify URL (GitHub migration)Marcel O'Neil
2018-08-06bump test versionMarcel O'Neil
2018-07-213.3.1Marcel O'Neil
* Add OP_RETURN feature * Add new fee settings allowing lower fee with custom fee rate.
2018-06-243.3Marcel O'Neil
* External Plugins Feature (use with caution, see readme) * Various fixes and improvements
2018-04-25System integration fixesMarcel O'Neil
* Revert "Improve argument parsing in `` Unix data file injection hack"
2018-04-243.2Marcel O'Neil
Release notes: * restore disabled script opcodes (May 2018 HF) * network protocol version bump to 1.2 * ledger: cashaddr support and various fixes * more block explorers * other bugfixes and improvements PKGFILE changes: * add `python-hidapi` as on optional dependency for the Digital Bitbox hardware wallet * remove ThomasV's gpg key (only used for electrum)
2018-03-173.1.6Marcel O'Neil
* Enable Bip70 payment requests for merchants like BitPay. * Prohibit unconfirmed inputs on payment request (invoice) payments because Bitpay will reject them anyway. * Remove Bitpay address format from address converter as Bitpay is now fully on CashAddr. * Introduce 'cash' moniker for micro bitcoin.
2018-03-08System integration fixesMarcel O'Neil
* prevent requirements.txt from being installed to /usr
2018-02-283.1.5Marcel O'Neil
* Various bug fixes
2018-02-22add maintainerMarcel O'Neil
2018-02-223.1.4Marcel O'Neil
* Various bug fixes
2018-01-22upgpkg: electron-cash-git 3.1.3.r36.g5a83e351-1Dan Beste
2018-01-16python-pycurl -> python-requestsDan Beste
2018-01-09upgpkg: electron-cash-git 3.1.2.r4.g37a2e9d2-1Dan Beste
2018-01-06upgpkg: electron-cash-git 3.1.1.r1.g85fbe76b-1Dan Beste
2017-12-09v3.0.r2.gb81a3f34Dan Beste
2017-11-13v2.9.4.r2Dan Beste
* PKGBUILD: Add python2-pyqt5 & qt5-base dependencies * PKGBUILD: Add python2-pyqt4 & qt4 dependencies
2017-11-10v2.9.4Dan Beste
* Updates for the November 2017 Bitcoin (cash) hard fork
2017-11-08Fix PKGBUILDDan Beste
* PKGBUILD: Include .install file in source array * PKGBUILD: Call tox2 in check instead of tox
2017-11-07v2.9.3.r54.g1faa1f43Dan Beste
* PKGBUILD: Update dependencies * PKGBUILD: Update build() and package() functions * PKGBUILD: Add check() function
2017-11-01Fix python2-pyqt5 dependencyDan Beste
2017-11-01v2.9.3.r49.gf0de53e9Dan Beste
* Remove qt4 dependencies * Add qt5 dependencies
2017-10-08v2.9.3.r29.gcd7042fcDan Beste
2017-08-18PKGBUILD cleanupDan Beste
2017-08-18InitDan Beste