AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
23 hoursfix: incorrect pkgrel dropCarson Black
28 hoursUpdate to 2020-09/RCarson Black
2020-07-03Increment base version for AUR helpersCarson Black
2020-07-03Update to latest versionCarson Black
2020-06-16Update .SRCINFO to be more accurate to current PKGBUILDCarson Black
2020-05-11revert to conflicted versionCarson Black
2020-05-09fix: .SRCINFO specifies eclipse-common as dependencyCarson Black
2020-05-02Fix bad sumsCarson Black
2020-05-02Fix source URLsCarson Black
2020-05-02Update to 2020-03Carson Black
2020-05-01Tick up versionCarson Black
2020-05-01De-conflict Eclipse variantsCarson Black
2020-05-01Dropped from reposAntonio Rojas