AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-28add patches to fix `` and java 10Jingbei Li
2018-11-02fixed PATH for antJingbei Li
2018-11-01minor fixesJingbei Li
2018-07-13upgraded to 2.8.0Jingbei Li
2018-05-13fix build for openjdk 10Jingbei Li
2018-03-12upgraded to 2.7.2Jingbei Li
2018-03-07fix plantuml issueJingbei Li
2018-01-16upgraded to 2.7.1Jingbei Li
2017-10-27updated to 2.7.0Jingbei Li
2016-07-25Update .SRCINFOAndrea Fagiani
2016-07-25Update to Eclim 2.6.0, added groovy in makedependsAndrea Fagiani
2015-08-15Update SRCINFOAndrea Fagiani
2015-08-15Update to Eclim 2.5.0, fixed eclipse pathAndrea Fagiani
2015-08-07Update to 2.5.0Andrea Fagiani
2015-06-08AUR4 ImportAndrea Fagiani