AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-17revamped provides and conflictsAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2019-12-17add d9vk provides and replacesAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2019-12-16merged d9vkAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2019-05-04fix script permissionsAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2019-05-04slay dummiesAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2019-02-26change windows to mingwAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2019-02-26new setup script, merged packagesAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2019-01-02fix 32bit verbAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-12-29small typoAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-12-29up wine minimal win versionAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-12-29some suggested changed by Stelios TsampasAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-10-13add shebang to scriptAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-08-18fix typoAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-08-18updated setup scriptAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-08-13add D3D10 library supportAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-08-07update dependsAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-07-24fix broken symlinksAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-07-23add dummy package for smoother transitionAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-07-22remove some debug prints that slipped byAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-07-22add more specific providesAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-07-22updated versionAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-07-22split into 2 different packagesAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-07-12change version format to play more nicely with binary release versionsAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-06-12add wine to makedepends tooAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-06-12update wine requirementsAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-04-14added git to makedependsAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-04-12updated wine dep and minimum meson version build-depAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-03-28update use of packaging scriptAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-03-17fail appropiately if the dlls can't be builtAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-03-17updated wine dependencyAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-03-09simplified PKGBUILD and slimmed down package by using upstream packaging scriptAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-03-05change installation directory and placement of setup scriptsAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-03-04fix double compilation issueAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-03-02add provides and conflictAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-02-25drop staging dependency, made opt-dependAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-02-15be redundant to workaround a meson bugAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-02-15fixed error n PKGBUILDAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-02-14changed install dir due to package sometimes misplacing filesAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-02-08changed install dir, added some optionsAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-02-08updated packaging, now packages the 32 bit libraries tooAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-01-25actually add the depsAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-01-24added dependenciesAdrià Cereto-Massagué
2018-01-24initial commitAdrià Cereto-Massagué