AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-01-31Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Rashid
2020-01-31Adding ewmh patchAbdalaziz Rashid
2020-01-31Adding ewmh patchAbdalaziz Rashid
2020-01-31Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Rashid
2020-01-31Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Rashid
2020-01-31Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Rashid
2020-01-31Adding PKGBUILD, SRCINFOAbdalaziz Rashid
2020-01-31Adding PKGBUILD, SRCINFOAbdalaziz Rashid
2020-01-30smthMaxim Kochurov
2020-01-29kyesMaxim Kochurov
2020-01-26backspace as putting masterMaxim Kochurov
2020-01-26dejavuMaxim Kochurov
2020-01-26top barMaxim Kochurov
2020-01-26gitignore+bindingsMaxim Kochurov
2020-01-26Adding config.hAbdalaziz Rashid
2019-02-02Prepare 6.2 release.Anselm R Garbe
2018-06-02pledge: add rpath promise for the ugly Xft font fallbackHiltjo Posthuma
2018-06-02Makefile: just show the compiler outputHiltjo Posthuma
Don't be fancy and just show the actual output so debugging is simpler.
2018-06-02Do not strip at link stageKlemens Nanni
Building with debug symbols is worthless unless LDFLAGS are manually adjusted as well.
2018-05-25Pledge on OpenBSDKlemens Nanni
2018-05-25config.def.h: ClkTagBar missing from commentHiltjo Posthuma
by Christopher Drelich <> Patch was mangled on the ML, also adjusted the order to be the same as the enum in dwm.c
2018-05-12Function declarations in correct order.Christopher Drelich
In dwm.c function declarations are in alphabetical order except for updategeom(). There doesn't appear to be any reason for this, so this patch corrects that, and now all function declarations are in alphabetical order.
2018-05-12remove old TODO and BUGS entriesHiltjo Posthuma
the bug in the dwm man page is an (ancient) Java issue. Thanks David and quinq for the patches and feedback!
2018-03-14update README: remove mentioning the old dextra repoHiltjo Posthuma
Thanks Christopher Drelich <>
2018-03-14All functions in alphabetical order except for this one.Christopher Drelich
2018-03-14ColBorder has been moved to the enum with ColFg and ColBg.Christopher Drelich
2017-12-27dont NUL terminate _NET_WM_NAMEHiltjo Posthuma
Reported by Kernc, thanks! "This makes a particular program that uses libwnck [1] fail after: Wnck-WARNING **: Property _NET_WM_NAME contained invalid UTF-8 in this code [2] because the returned string contains a '\0' and the documentation for g_utf8_validate() [3] explicitly states that when string length is provided, no nul bytes are allowed." It is not entirely clear it is incorrect, other WM's seem to not NUL terminate it either though.
2017-11-03sync dmenu drw.{c,h} code: use Clr* (was Scm)Hiltjo Posthuma
2017-11-03gettextprop: check result of XGetTextProperty (undefined behaviour for XFree)Hiltjo Posthuma
2017-11-03Set class name on status barOmar Sandoval
This is useful for configuring compositors to ignore the status bar window.
2017-10-11simplify isfixed conditionsDaniel Cousens
2017-05-08yet another cleanupAnselm R Garbe
The previous patches introduced some unclean space-based indentation patterns. This patch fixes them.
2017-03-28Don't restrict snap in mousemoveMarkus Teich
This also fixes a bug where client windows only switch to floating mode when the mouse is dragged in one specific direction.
2017-03-28Button passthrough when client is not focusedMarkus Teich
Before this change it is not possible to press a button in a client on the first click if the client is not yet focused. The first click on the button would only focus the client and a second click on the button is needed to activate it. This situation can occur when moving the mouse over a client (therefore focusing it) and then moving the focus to another client with keyboard shortcuts. After this commit the behavior is fixed and button presses on unfocused clients are passed to the client correctly.
2017-03-28cleanupMarkus Teich
- unify multi-line expression alignment style. - unify multi-line function call alignment style. - simplify client moving on monitor count decrease. - clarify comment for focusin(). - remove old confusing comment about input focus fix in focusmon(). The explanation is already in the old commit message, so no need to keep it in the code. - remove old comment describing even older state of the code in focus(). - unify comment style. - break up some long lines. - fix some typos and grammar.
2016-12-05applied Markus' tagset purge of alternative view on _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW eventAnselm R Garbe
2016-12-05applied Ivan Delalande's NET_SUPPORTING_WM_CHECK patch for gtk3 compatibilityAnselm R Garbe
2016-12-05applied Ian Remmler's man page adjustment suggestionsAnselm R Garbe
2016-12-05applied Markus' decouple color-scheme patchAnselm R Garbe
2016-12-05applied Markus' clarify status text padding patchAnselm R Garbe
2016-11-15LICENSE: update peopleQuentin Rameau
2016-11-15dwm.1: add keybinding for spawning dmenuQuentin Rameau
2016-11-05die() on calloc failureHiltjo Posthuma
thanks Markus Teich and David!
2016-08-12die() consistency: always add newlineHiltjo Posthuma
2016-06-28config.def.h: style improvement, use color Scheme enumHiltjo Posthuma
2016-06-26import new drw from libsl and minor fixes.Markus Teich
- better scaling for occupied tag squares. - draw statusline first to omitt some complicated calculations.
2016-06-24Configure geometry before applying rulesEric Pruitt
Configuring geometry before applying rules makes it possible to have more complex constraints in applyrules that depend on the initial window dimensions and location.
2015-12-19fix fullscreen clients not resized on X display resolution changeHiltjo Posthuma
patch provided by Bert M√ľnnich <>, thanks!
2015-12-19Shut up glibc about _BSD_SOURCE being deprecatedQuentin Rameau
2015-11-08code-style consistencyHiltjo Posthuma