AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-13Update to version 1.33-1kewl fft
2020-04-13Update to version 1.32-1kewl fft
2019-09-22Update to version 1.31-1kewl fft
2018-03-15Update to version 1.30-5kewl fft
2018-02-17some pkgbuild improvementskewl fft
2018-02-17some pkgbuild improvementskewl fft
2018-01-06pkgbuild arch officially supported architectureskewl fft
2018-01-06version 1.30 with improved pkgbuildkewl fft
2018-01-06version 1.30kewl fft
2018-01-01version 1.20-2kewl fft
2017-12-26v1.20kewl fft
2017-12-25init variables to avoid warningkewl fft
2017-12-25url addedkewl fft
2017-12-25aes encryption using keyfilekewl fft