AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-10Workaroung too many open files bug in gzStefan Auditor
2016-04-05Add issue reporting statementStefan Auditor
2016-03-06Increase ulimit for phar compilationStefan Auditor
2016-02-01Conform to latest pacman apiStefan Auditor
2016-01-27Refactor PKGBUILD to build the phar locallyStefan Auditor
2016-01-22Add provides and conflicts statementsStefan Auditor
2016-01-22Change checkout pathsStefan Auditor
2016-01-18Refactor PKGBUILD to use box and compile a phar, fix licenseStefan Auditor
2015-10-27remove old leftoversVictor Häggqvist
2015-10-27Fix symlink to executableStefan Auditor
2015-07-30initVictor Häggqvist