AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-07fix buildMark Wagie
2021-06-06566Mark Wagie
2021-06-06add missing build depMark Wagie
2021-02-27rebuild for dmd 2.095.1 & dub 1.24.1Mark Wagie
2020-10-09removed install fileMark Wagie
2020-10-09rebuild for dmd 2.094.0 & dub 1.23.0Mark Wagie
2020-07-19rebuild for dmd 2.093.0 & dub 1.22.0Mark Wagie
2020-04-28rebuild for dmd 2.091.1 & dub 1.20.1Mark Wagie
2020-04-28PKGBUILD tweaksMark Wagie
2020-03-21rebuild for dub 1.20.0 & dmd 2.091.0Mark Wagie
2020-01-14rebuild for dmd 2.090.0 & dub 1.18.0yochananmarqos
2019-12-23install SVG to proper locationyochananmarqos
2019-11-09rebuild for dmd 2.089 & dub 1.18yochananmarqos
2019-09-17rebuild for dmd 2.088.0 & dub 1.17.0yochananmarqos
2019-08-05updated to 2.1.1yochananmarqos
2019-08-03updated to 2.1.0yochananmarqos
2019-08-03removed check()yochananmarqos
2019-08-03updated to 2.0.0yochananmarqos
2019-07-27reverted back to 1.258 stable release versionyochananmarqos
2019-07-21updated to 1.277 pre-releaseyochananmarqos
2019-07-20updated to 1.276 pre-releaseyochananmarqos
2019-07-17updated to 1.260yochananmarqos
2019-07-15updated to 1.259yochananmarqos
2019-07-13updated to 1.258yochananmarqos
2019-07-09updated to 1.255yochananmarqos
2019-06-27dub dependencies are now cached locally instead of polluting the user's home ...yochananmarqos
2019-06-16moved build functions to proper build arrayyochananmarqos
2019-06-16updated to 1.253yochananmarqos
2019-06-14updated to 1.252yochananmarqos
2019-06-13removed conflictsyochananmarqos
2019-06-12initial uploadyochananmarqos
2019-05-29Initial commitj1simon