AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-18re-gen pkgver because history changedSamuel Walladge
2018-09-10update depsSamuel Walladge
2017-08-24update dependenciesSamuel Walladge
2017-08-22add cmake to makedepends insteadSamuel Walladge
2017-08-22update to work with new cmake build systemSamuel Walladge
2016-10-22remove unnecessary makedepends (bison is in the base-devel group)Samuel Walladge
2016-06-29update deps, fix configure prefix, fix arch arraySamuel Walladge
2016-02-03removed unneeded dep, fixed licenseSamuel Walladge
2016-02-03fixed deps, made sure package buildable and installableSamuel Walladge
2016-02-03initial commit - successful buildSamuel Walladge