AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-25UpMax Liebkies
2017-07-05Revert "Remove libcurl patches and use default compat libraries"Max Liebkies
2017-07-03Remove libcurl patches and use default compat librariesMax Liebkies
2017-06-30Rename package and "link" into new naming schemeMax Liebkies
2017-05-12Update to dotnet 1.1.2Max Liebkies
2017-05-11Fix OpenSSL and libciurlMax Liebkies
2017-04-30Bump versionMax Liebkies
2017-04-29Skip building testsMax Liebkies
2017-04-29Fix building under Clang 4Max Liebkies
2017-03-08Initial releaseMax Liebkies