AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-27Upgrade to .NET Core 6.0.0-preview.4Florian Maunier
2021-05-27Add profile.d script, add completions for bash, fish and zshFlorian Maunier
2021-04-19Upgrade to .NET Core 6.0.0-preview.3Florian Maunier
2021-03-14Upgrade to .NET Core 6.0.0-preview.2Florian Maunier
2021-02-23Upgrade to .NET Core 6.0.0-preview.1Florian Maunier
2021-02-23Add .gitignoreFlorian Maunier
2020-10-15Switch netstandard-targeting-pack dep to netstandard-targeting-pack-2.1Florian Maunier
2020-10-14Upgrade to .NET 5.0.0 RC 2Florian Maunier
2020-09-16Upgrade to .NET 5.0.0 RC 1Florian Maunier
2020-08-26Upgrade to .NET 5.0.0 Preview 8Florian Maunier
2020-07-31Re-add versionned provides and conflictsFlorian Maunier
2020-07-30Split targeting packsFlorian Maunier
2020-07-28Remove unneeded; fix libhostfxr symlink; cleanupFlorian Maunier
2020-07-23Upgrade to .NET 5.0.0 Preview 7Florian Maunier
2020-07-02Upgrade to .NET 5.0.0 Preview 6Florian Maunier
2020-06-22Fix dotnet-sdk-3.1 dep typoFlorian Maunier
2020-06-22Update paths and exclude NETStandard to allow simultaneous install with 3.1Florian Maunier
2020-06-11Fix versionFlorian Maunier
2020-06-11Upgrade to .NET 5.0.0 Preview 5Florian Maunier
2020-06-08Upgrade to .NET 5.0.0 Preview 4Florian Maunier
2020-04-27Upgrade to .NET 5.0.0 Preview 3Florian Maunier
2019-11-15Upgrade to 3.1.0 preview 3Florian Maunier
2019-11-06Upgrade to 3.1.0 preview 2Florian Maunier
2019-10-17Upgrade to 3.1.0 preview 1Florian Maunier
2019-10-02Add armv7h and aarch64Florian Maunier
2019-09-24Change provides and remove conflictsFlorian Maunier
2019-09-17Upgrade to rc 1Florian Maunier
2019-09-05Upgrade to preview 9Florian Maunier
2019-09-05Fix dotnet.shFlorian Maunier
2019-08-16Add new templates and packs foldersFlorian Maunier
2019-08-14Upgrade to preview 8Florian Maunier
2019-07-24Upgrade to preview 7Florian Maunier
2019-06-14Upgrade to preview 6Florian Maunier
2019-05-07Upgrade to Preview 5Florian Maunier
2019-04-19Upgrade to preview 4Florian Maunier
2019-03-07Upgrade to preview 3Florian Maunier
2019-03-01Upgrade to preview 2Florian Maunier
2018-12-05use upstream binary release until source-build is fixedFlorian Maunier
2018-12-05initial commitFlorian Maunier