AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-25Update to latest commit.Ted Alff
2020-02-09Add python-pyudev as optdep for battery applet.Ted Alff
2020-01-14Correct makedependsTed Alff
2020-01-01Update to the pygi-python3 branch for the GTK3, python3 portTed Alff
2018-02-16Remove -gtk3 from pkvgerTed Alff
2018-02-16Version bump. Remove unused patchTed Alff
2018-01-18Don't coinstall by defaultTed Alff
2018-01-18Change source back to M7S pygi-migration branchTed Alff
2017-12-11Add patches applied downstream. Change version numbering.Ted Alff
2017-07-05Don't coinstall by defaultTed Alff
2017-07-05Add method to coinstall with GTK2 dockbarx (for XFCE)Ted Alff
2017-05-16Update description and URLTed Alff
2017-05-16Switched to amper128's fork which includes support for MateTed Alff
2016-09-06Initial commit.Ted Alff