AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
20 hoursVersion 2.4.2Axel Gembe
2021-02-09Version 2.4.1.Axel Gembe
2021-02-09Version 2.4.0Axel Gembe
2020-06-18dnsperf: Update to 2.3.4, fixes build issues with recent bindBaptiste Jonglez
2019-09-17dnsperf: Update to 2.3.2Baptiste Jonglez
2019-01-28dnsperf: bump to 2.2.1Baptiste Jonglez
2019-01-25dnsperf: bump to 2.2.0Baptiste Jonglez
2018-11-08dnsperf: fix build with bind 9.13.3Baptiste Jonglez
2017-04-25trigger rebuild against new libsOleksandr Natalenko
2017-02-11update to v2.1.0.0, #2Oleksandr Natalenko
2017-02-11update to v2.1.0.0Oleksandr Natalenko
2012-11-07dnsperf: correct package URLAntoine Lubineau
2012-07-08dnsperf: update to Lubineau
2012-01-22dnsperf: new packageAntoine Lubineau