AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-15Update to version 0.2.4eomanis
2019-11-03Update to version 0.2.3eomanis
2019-09-27Update to version 0.2.2eomanis
2019-09-25Update to version 0.2.1eomanis
2019-09-24Update to version 0.2.0eomanis
2019-05-06Add support for upstream version labelseomanis
2019-05-06Change upstream URL, use stronger checksumeomanis
2018-10-01Update to version 0.1.1eomanis
2018-05-02PKGBUILD: Fixed the project URLeomanis
2018-05-02Added missing dependency "util-linux" that provides blockdeveomanis
2018-05-01PKGBUILD: Added missing dependencieseomanis
2018-05-01Initial commit, disk-test 0.1.0eomanis