AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
3 daysBump 2.24.0 (#18)Chitoku
2020-10-23Merge pull request #17 from chitoku-k/bump-2.23.1zimbatm
Bump 2.23.1
2020-10-24Bump 2.23.1Chitoku
2020-10-13bump 2.23.0Rick Morgans
2020-09-03bumped pkgrelRick Morgans
2020-09-03Merge pull request #15 from nightuser/masterrmorgans
Change build process to meet Arch's guidelines
2020-09-03Merge branch 'master' into masterrmorgans
2020-09-03Merge pull request #16 from chitoku-k/bump-2.22.0rmorgans
Bump 2.22.0
2020-09-02Bump 2.22.0Chitoku
2020-07-16Change build process to meet Arch's guidelinesnightuser
According to [1] some GOFLAGS and CGO_ flags have to be set. Change the build process so it reflects the changes described there. Also add check simple check routine. [1]:
2020-05-21Merge pull request #14 from chitoku-k/bump-2.21.3zimbatm
Bump 2.21.3
2020-05-21Bump 2.21.3Chitoku
2020-01-29Bump 2.21.2Rick Morgans
2020-01-26Change from to LICENSERick Morgans
2020-01-26Update to 2.21.0Rick Morgans
2019-05-13bump pkgrelRick Morgans
2019-05-06Merge pull request #13 from PanisSupraOmnia/small-improvementszimbatm
Overall improvements
2019-05-06forward failures in the ./update scriptzimbatm
if `updpkgsums` fails it should exit the main script with an error
2019-05-05Add `update` scriptAdrien Smith
2019-05-05Use Docker or Vagrant to update checksumsAdrien Smith
2019-05-05Simplify gitignorezimbatm
Co-Authored-By: PanisSupraOmnia <>
2019-05-04Ignore downloaded source archiveAdrien Smith
2019-05-04Make a few more improvementsAdrien Smith
2019-05-04Tidy readme and update instructionsAdrien Smith
2019-05-04Improve Docker config and scriptAdrien Smith
2019-05-04Improve PKGBUILD someAdrien Smith
2019-05-04bumped pkgrelRick Morgans
2019-05-03fix the .SRCINFOzimbatm
2019-05-03Explicitly list supported architectures (#12)Filip Matzner
2019-05-01fix the .SRCINFOzimbatm
2019-05-01build: use the official archlinux/base imagezimbatm
pkgbuild-introspection now seems to be part of AUR so use another method to generate the .SRCINFO
2019-05-01Allow all architectures (#11)Filip Matzner
It seems to work quite well on other e.g., ARM as well, I suggest not to limit the architectures explicitly.
2019-04-28bumped to version 2.20.1Rick Morgans
2019-04-05bump to version 2.20.0Rick Morgans
2019-02-18bump v2.19.2Rick Morgans
2019-01-15bump v2.19.0Rick Morgans
2018-11-30bumped 2.18.2Rick Morgans
2018-06-18forgot to update checksums...Rick Morgans
2018-06-18bumped 2.17.0Rick Morgans
2018-05-15bumped 2.16.0Rick Morgans
2018-03-02bumped 2.15.2Rick Morgans
2018-02-25Bump to 2.15.1Rick Morgans
2017-12-15bumped to 2.14.0Rick Morgans
2017-10-05Bump to 2.13.1Rick Morgans
2017-09-26Bump version to 2.13.0Rick Morgans
2017-08-16updated .SRCINFORick Morgans
2017-08-15GOPATH needs to be exported to make direnv (#7)Craig Furman
2017-08-15merged fix from @casualjimRick Morgans
2017-08-15Merge pull request #6 from casualjim/patch-1rmorgans
Fix PKGBUILD to find deps in gopath
2017-08-14Fix PKGBUILD to find deps in gopathIvan Porto Carrero