AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-14remove shellcheck directiveAlexandre Bouvier
2021-07-061.5.1.r70.g61a49a2Alexandre Bouvier
2021-06-13add libbacktraceAlexandre Bouvier
2021-05-11update .srcinfoAlexandre Bouvier
2021-05-11remove useless depsAlexandre Bouvier
2021-03-14reproducible buildAlexandre Bouvier
2019-08-30oups :$Alexandre Bouvier
2019-08-30:lipstick:Alexandre Bouvier
2019-03-11little overhaul :pAlexandre Bouvier
2019-02-28use LINUX_DEFAULT_PATH rather than patchingAlexandre Bouvier
2016-06-20Update for 1.4.1Mike Swanson
2015-10-12Depend on sdl2, not sdl1. Move curl to a hard-dependency.Mike Swanson
2015-10-09dhewm3 has a release now, so use the tagsMike Swanson
2015-09-30Remove basepatch patch, update versioning standardsMike Swanson
2015-06-10Update packaging standards, use CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIRMike Swanson
2014-06-13fix upstream issue #97Mike Swanson
2014-05-11Update dhewm3-git (finally) to use modern PKGBUILD things for gitMike Swanson
2012-12-03Initial commitMike Swanson