AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-25Use electron11jikstra
2020-06-15Fix including themesjikstra
2020-04-26Update .SRCINFOjikstra
2020-04-26Modify .desktop file to add URI supportjikstra
2020-04-19Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-04-19Add rustup to make dependenciesjikstra
2020-04-19Add rustup to make dependsjikstra
2020-03-11Update .SRCINFOjikstra
2020-02-12Fix to use electron6jikstra
2020-02-06Update .SRCINFOjikstra
2020-02-06Fix PKGBUILD to work with parcel changes and upgrade to electron6. Also remov...jikstra
2020-01-24Include typescript dist folderjikstra
2019-12-28Use electron4 instead of bundling our own electron, remove unused dependenciesjikstra
2019-09-01Update srcinfo, don't depend on rpgp-git anymore, let cargo do this. Thanks t...jikstra
2019-05-20update srcinfojikstra
2019-05-20We now use rpgp to build, show verbose logging on npm installjikstra
2019-04-30Added srcinfojikstra
2019-04-30Update dependenciesjikstra
2019-01-18update srcinfojikstra
2019-01-18Updated pkgbuild to use bundled electronjikstra
2019-01-11Update srcinfojikstra
2019-01-11There's no more conversations folder therefore pkgbuild failed on copying itjikstra
2018-12-17Add PKGBUILD, .SRCINFO & needed filesjikstra