AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-15arch+=aarch64Andy Weidenbaum
2018-04-27update pkgver to 1.2.0Andy Weidenbaum
2018-02-28dep ensure -vAndy Weidenbaum
2018-02-28dep -v ensureAndy Weidenbaum
2017-12-14update pkgver to 1.1.2Andy Weidenbaum
2017-09-22update pkgver to 1.1.0Andy Weidenbaum
2017-09-06increment pkgrel to 2; arch+=armv6h,armv7hAndy Weidenbaum
2017-08-25update pkgver to 1.0.8Andy Weidenbaum
2017-08-18update pkgver to 1.0.7Andy Weidenbaum
2017-06-22update pkgver to 1.0.5Andy Weidenbaum
2017-06-08update pkgver to 1.0.3Andy Weidenbaum
2017-04-28update pkgver to 1.0.1Andy Weidenbaum
2017-04-26update pkgver to 1.0.0, dcrpromptsecretAndy Weidenbaum
2017-02-16update pkgver to 0.8.2Andy Weidenbaum
2017-02-13update pkgver to 0.8.0, deprecated dcrticketbuyerAndy Weidenbaum
2016-12-26update pkgver to 0.7.0Andy Weidenbaum
2016-11-26update pkgver to 0.6.1Andy Weidenbaum
2016-11-09update pkgver to 0.6.0Andy Weidenbaum
2016-10-10update pkgver to 0.5.1Andy Weidenbaum
2016-09-06update pkgver to 0.4.0Andy Weidenbaum
2016-07-25update pkgver to 0.2.0Andy Weidenbaum
2016-07-19update pkgver to 20160719, glide install dcrdAndy Weidenbaum
2016-06-24decredAndy Weidenbaum
2016-06-24Initial importAndy Weidenbaum