AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-05upgpkg: dbus-x11 1.12.20-1Andy_Vetrov
2020-06-07upgpkg: dbus-x11 1.12.18-1Andy_Vetrov
2020-03-03makepkg refused to update .SRCINFO until the original file was deletedQue Quotion
2020-03-03Update to 1.12.16Que Quotion
2019-05-281.12.14; picked up some options form the [core] packageQue Quotion
2019-02-12Add myself as maintainer; no changes to package contentQue Quotion
2019-02-12Add libx11 to makedepends!Que Quotion
2019-02-12Package docs as dbus-x11-docs to avoid conflict with [core]Que Quotion
2019-02-12Update to 1.12.12; match configuration with [core] (except for x11 autolaunch)Que Quotion
2017-05-30Update to 1.10.18-1ozgursarier
2017-01-15Update to 1.10.14-1ozgursarier
2016-09-03Fixed provides dbusJesse Lin
2016-09-03Fixed pkgbaseJesse Lin
2016-09-03dbus with x11 autolaunch compiled inJesse Lin