AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-22Change PKGBUILD to correctly list all supported architecturesShapeShifter499
2021-04-22Add format security patch so we can build on systems with '-Werror=format-sec...ShapeShifter499
2018-03-13Added some patchfilesRaansu
2016-09-17Update from sha1sum to sha256sumRaansu
2015-08-13(no commit message)Raansu
2015-08-13(no commit message)Raansu
2015-08-13Clean up PKGBUILD and make it more compliant to PKGBUILD standardsRaansu
2015-08-01PKGBUILD quick fix v2Raansu
2015-08-01PKGBUILD quick fixRaansu
2015-08-01Update package for AUR4 and fix PKGBUILD issuesRaansu