AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysUpdate to v16.3b3Alex
2019-09-17Update to v16.1b3Alex
2019-08-09Update to v16.1b1Alex
2019-07-28Update to 16.0b7 and remove link as new update provides it again.Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-07-11Update to 16.0b6 and fix missing libbz2Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-07-05Update to 16b5Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-06-11Update hash from 643368b139641f443b216598d36302bfcc64c0b5d3529a2731923354875b...Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-06-07Update to 16.0b4Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-05-27Version bump to 16.0b3Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-05-09Deleted unnecessary file, davinci-resolve-studio-beta.install.Alex
2019-05-07Update to 16 beta 2Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-04-24Update sha256sum, fix filenames and add variables to streamline the maintenan...Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-04-12First pushAlex