AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysUpdate to v16.2.5Alex
2020-07-23Update to v16.2.4Alex
2020-06-23Update to v16.2.3Alex
2020-05-27Update to v16.2.2Alex
2020-04-24Update to v16.2.1Alex
2020-03-17Checksums updatedAlex
2020-03-09Update to v16.2Alex
2019-12-18Update to v16.1.2Alex
2019-11-01Update to v16.1.1Alex
2019-10-22Update to v16.1Alex
2019-10-21Update to v16.1 stableAlex
2019-08-09Update to v16.0Alex
2019-08-01Remove libbz2 link creation, as package now creates it.Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-07-11Add link to to fix link missing since libbz2-1.0.7Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-04-22Change files to comply with the original package.Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-04-22Change to the same PKGBUILD structure as the original davinci-resolve package...Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-04-07Version bump to 15.3.1codibit
2019-03-15Update to 15.3codibit
2019-02-12Update to 15.2.4 (version bump)codibit
2019-02-04Update to 15.2.3 and add StartupWMClass to .desktop file as suggested by @deezidcodibit
2018-12-27Fix typo in .desktop filecodibit
2018-12-26Update .SRCINFOcodibit
2018-12-26Update PKGBUILD to fix unzippingcodibit
2018-12-26Update to 15.2.2, adapted PKGBUILD to work with new .run binary distribution....codibit
2018-12-20Update .SRCINFO (didn't do it last time)codibit
2018-11-30Update package to 15.2.1 and change pkgrel to 1codibit
2018-11-22Version bump to 15.2codibit
2018-10-25opied new file handling from the davinci-resolve package to use xdg-dirscodibit
2018-02-19Change installation directory to /opt/resolve. From now on this package confl...Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2018-02-05Fix mistake in zip nameVictor van Herpt Valdivia
2018-02-0514.3 updateVictor van Herpt Valdivia
2018-01-28Update to 14.2.1Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2018-01-28Update to 14.2.1Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2018-01-21Initial commit, please check van Herpt Valdivia