AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-02-28Update to v17.0b10Alex
2021-02-07Update to v17.0b8Alex
2021-01-23Update to v17.0b7Alex
2021-01-21Update to version 17.0b7Alexander
2020-12-30Update to v17.0b6Alex
2020-12-20Update to v17.0b5Alex
2020-12-06Update to v17.0b3Alex
2020-11-24Fix missing desktop fileAlex
2020-11-24Fix bsdtar errorAlex
2020-11-22Update to v17.0b2Alex
2020-11-18Update to v17.0b1Alex
2020-11-18Update to version 17.0b1Alexander
2020-10-12Update to v16.3b3Alex
2019-09-26Added custom DLAGENTSAndrew Shark
2019-09-17Update to v16.1b3Alex
2019-08-09Update to v16.1b1Alex
2019-07-28Update to 16.0b7 and remove linkVictor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-07-11Update to 16.0b6 and fix missingVictor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-07-05Update to 16b5Victor van Herpt Valdivia
2019-06-11Update free package hash from ↵Victor van Herpt Valdivia
4ce530fb06a005b08ff2fb9c80ea738aa3f80eac1caea42d9e0c927112e73512 to c323cf3a1d080fdf1b374771e37d293bc7580c4df2e8c389679bd3d207ddb7c0
2019-06-07Update to v16.0b4Alex
2019-05-26Deleted unnecessary file, DaVinci_Resolve_16.0b3_Linux.zipAlex
2019-05-26Update to v16.0b3Alex
2019-05-09Deleted unnecessary file, davinci-resolve-beta.install.Alex
2019-05-09Update to v16.0b2Alex
2019-04-12Added link to download and fixed conflictsAlex
2019-04-11Update to v16.0b1Alex
2018-08-10Update to v15.0b8Alex
2018-07-29Update to v15.0b7Alex
2018-07-08Update to v15.0b6Alex
2018-06-15Update to v15.0b5Alex
2018-06-02Update to v15.0b4Alex
2018-05-20Update to v15.0b3Alex
2018-04-27Update to v15.0b2Alex
2018-04-12Update to v15.0b1Alex
2017-09-02Update to v14.0b9Alex S
2017-08-26Update to 14.0b8Alexander
2017-08-22Update to v14.0b7Alex S
2017-07-27Update to v14.0b6Alex S
2017-07-06Update to v14.0b5Alex S
2017-06-27change pkgrelAlex S
2017-06-27Few fixes. Many thanks to JonathonAlex S
2017-06-22Fix typoAlex S
2017-06-22Small improvement of usability.Alex S
2017-06-22Small improvement of usability.Alex S
2017-06-19Update to v14.0b4Alex S
2017-05-26Update to Beta 3Alex S
2017-05-20Some optimisations. Add contributor to the headerAlex S
2017-05-15Fix typoAlex S
2017-05-15Trying to fix issue with the Media folderAlex S