AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-07-25Add missing submodulesJames Brink
Added missing submodules which have been added upstream as requirements
2019-07-22Update submodules fixing buildJames Brink
Update submodules with upstream fixing build Remove convmv as build dep since upsteam is fixed see: Add provides sections to each package
2019-07-17Fix character encoding issues on OpenSSL cert filenamesJames Brink
2019-07-16Remove git commit reference for stable buildsJames Brink
2019-07-12Remove -j flags from make and fixed tab spacingJames Brink
2019-07-09Update PKGBUILD - added conflicts for darling and darling-dkmsJames Brink
2019-06-02Remove un-needed patch fileJames Brink
Upstream has been patched for Linux >= 5.1, there is no need for the linux-5.1.patch file anymore. See
2019-05-30Increment package releaseJames Brink
2019-05-30Update contribuor comment in PKGBUILDJames Brink
2019-05-30Fix builds for kernels < 5.1James Brink
The previous patch addressed build issues for kernels >= 5.1, but incidentally broke builds on older kernels. This patch addresses both old and new kernels.
2019-05-23Fix build for kernels >= 5.1James Brink
2019-05-03Added git submodules to sources list in PKGBUILD.James Brink
Added all git submodules to the sources list in the PKGBUILD as recommended by users and AUR wiki best practices. Replaced msg2 commands with echo commands Performed misc cleanup in PKGBUILD file.
2018-11-03Updated .SRCINFO - Added new dependencies libpng, libtiff, glu, cairo, ↵James Brink
libbsd, python2, and linux-headers
2018-11-03Added new dependencies libpng, libtiff, glu, cairo, libbsd, python2, and ↵James Brink
2018-06-11Fixed build issue related to missing rtsig.hJames Brink
2018-06-11Updated broken build.James Brink
The build was broken when Toolchain.cmake was removed in a previous commit. Refer to
2017-04-26Use .install script only with darling-git packageXorg
2017-04-26Do a split package (darling-git + darling-mach-dkms-git)Xorg
2017-03-29Fix ldconfig setupXorg
2017-03-27Disable user build flagsXorg
2017-03-27Fix linker errorsXorg
2017-03-27Update build steps since upstream changesXorg
2017-03-26Allow to build with binutils 2.28Xorg
2017-01-16Do a more vanilla packageXorg
2017-01-08Fix PKGBUILD due to recent changesXorg
2016-12-04Drop use of /usr/libexec and fix missing dependenciesXorg
2016-11-26Depend of darling-mach-dkms-git instead of darling-mach-gitXorg
2016-05-04Fix pkgver() functionXorg
2016-04-26Add 'wget' as dependencyXorg
2016-03-13Add gcc-multilib in makedepends (x86_64)Xorg
2016-03-03Add cmake to makedependsXorg
2016-03-02Move kernel module in darling-mach-git packageXorg
2016-03-02Improve submodules managementXorg
2016-03-02Fix md5sumsXorg
2016-03-01Add more submodulesXorg
2016-02-28Reset pkgrelXorg
2016-02-28Add apr submodule (pkgrel 19)Xorg
2016-02-28Fix in .SRCINFOXorg
2016-02-28Add more submodules (pkgrel 18)Xorg
2016-02-27Clean-ups in PKGBUILDXorg
2016-02-26Add more submodules (pkgrel 17)Xorg
2016-02-19Add darling-nano and darling-zip to sources (pkgrel 16)Xorg
2016-02-16Fix darling-git since recent upstram changes (pkgrel 16)Xorg
2015-12-30Add https in sourceXorg
2015-08-28Build is fixed with last version of Clang (pkgrel 14)Xorg
2015-03-22Force use of Clang < 3.6 (pkgrel 13)Xorg
2015-01-23Initial commit for darling-gitXorg