AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-01-07fixVincent Grande
2020-11-22enable ipv6Vincent Grande
2020-09-19pkgverVincent Grande
2020-09-19fixVincent Grande
2020-09-19initial uploadVincent Grande
2017-10-15Make deps more like core/curlDave Reisner
2017-10-15remove unused curlbuild.hDave Reisner
2017-06-19provide a real version, rather than a dummy 999Dave Reisner
curl previously didn't provide annotated tags, but i long ago convinced Daniel to do this.
2017-06-16sync PKGBUILD with core/curlDave Reisner
2016-02-03update upstream repoDave Reisner
2015-07-04initial commitDave Reisner