AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-26Bump to 1.18.0, add crictl.yaml to backup=()Ivan Shapovalov
2020-02-24Bump to v1.17.0Ivan Shapovalov
2019-09-13Bump to v1.15.0Ivan Shapovalov
2019-06-04Bump to v1.14.0Ivan Shapovalov
2019-01-11Bump to v1.13.0Ivan Shapovalov
2018-11-14Add missing makedepsIvan Shapovalov
2018-10-03Bump to v1.12.0Ivan Shapovalov
2018-10-03Revert "Use released archive instead of a git repo"Ivan Shapovalov
2018-08-14Store released archive under a different name for consistency w/ existing pkgsIvan Shapovalov
2018-08-14Use released archive instead of a git repoIvan Shapovalov
2018-08-14Install completionsIvan Shapovalov
2018-08-14Don't try to manage our own $GOPATHIvan Shapovalov
2018-08-14Initialize with v1.11.1Ivan Shapovalov