AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-07Update for new versionMatthew Parnell
2018-01-10Update hashes to correspond to v2.2.1Matthew Parnell
2017-01-30Remove cpdf-git conflict, due to not existingMatthew Parnell
2017-01-29Update metadataMatthew Parnell
2017-01-29Update .SRCINFOMatthew Parnell
2017-01-29Update version to 2.2Matthew Parnell
2015-08-07[2.1-3] Include smpdf binary and manualJens John
2015-08-072.1-2: Strip -bin suffix instead of -gitJens John
2015-08-07PKGBUILD: version 2.1-1Jens John