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2019-07-16Updated versionRyan Kes
2019-07-16Merge pull request #3 from marcospb19/masterRyan Kes
2019-07-15Fixing format with provides/conflictsJoão Marcos
2019-07-15Merge pull request #2 from alrayyes/add-license-1Ryan Kes
2019-07-15Create LICENSERyan Kes
2019-07-15Merge branch 'master' of Kes
2019-07-15Work nicely with corrupter-binRyan Kes
2019-06-10Update PKGBUILDRyan Kes
2019-06-10Updated pkgverRyan Kes
2019-03-25ran git pullRyan Kes
2019-03-24cleaned up tabsRyan Kes
2019-03-24Create README.mdRyan Kes
2019-03-24addes .SRCINFORyan Kes
2019-03-24added LICENSERyan Kes
2019-03-24removed empty lineRyan Kes
2019-03-24removed dependenciesRyan Kes
2019-03-24initial importRyan Kes