AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-03-14fix package adding perl-module-installLuís Ferreira
Signed-off-by: Luís Ferreira <>
2014-09-11Update md5sums, pkgverJeffrey Tolar
2014-04-28Update PKGBUILDJeffrey Tolar
2014-04-28Add conflicts, providesJeffrey Tolar
2013-06-21Add missing dependencyJeffrey Tolar
2013-06-21Move maintainer line to topJeffrey Tolar
2013-06-21Expand on install messageJeffrey Tolar
2013-06-21Remove unneeded newlineJeffrey Tolar
2013-06-20Add (myself as) maintainerJeffrey Tolar
2013-06-20Make more like the git example on the wikiJeffrey Tolar
2013-06-20Add pkgver() functionJeffrey Tolar
2013-06-20Update PKGBUILD for pacman 4.1Jeffrey Tolar
2013-06-20Initial commitJeffrey Tolar