AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-26Disable HSV gradients until a new release is outSpyros Stathopoulos
2021-03-23Update to 1.12.1Spyros Stathopoulos
2020-08-07Remove memory reporting patch as it's included in 1.11.6Spyros Stathopoulos
2020-08-07Update to 1.11.6Spyros Stathopoulos
2020-01-13Add patch for memory reporting on 1.11.5Spyros Stathopoulos
2019-11-22Update to 1.11.5Spyros Stathopoulos
2019-06-05Bump pkgrelSpyros Stathopoulos
2019-06-05Cleanup dependenciesSpyros Stathopoulos
2019-06-02Add pulseaudio support to reflect the official buildSpyros Stathopoulos
2019-03-12Add `git` to makedepends to follow official PKGBUILDSpyros Stathopoulos
2019-02-23Update to 1.11.3Spyros Stathopoulos
2019-01-09Update to 1.11.2Spyros Stathopoulos
2018-12-16Update to 1.11.1Spyros Stathopoulos
2018-12-07Update to 1.11.0Spyros Stathopoulos
2018-02-23Update to 1.10.8Spyros Stathopoulos
2017-06-04Fix build for gcc 7.xSpyros Stathopoulos
2016-12-29Update to 1.10.6Spyros Stathopoulos
2016-10-16Update to v1.10.5Spyros Stathopoulos
2016-09-02Make libxvnctrl a runtime dep as is included in theSpyros Stathopoulos
2016-08-17Update to 1.10.4Spyros Stathopoulos
2016-05-30Add libxinerama dependencySpyros Stathopoulos
2016-05-05Update to 1.10.2Spyros Stathopoulos
2016-02-10Fix install argumentSpyros Stathopoulos
2015-12-03Fix toluapp issuesSpyros Stathopoulos
2015-11-20Update to v1.10.1Spyros Stathopoulos
2015-09-18pkgrel bump for readline updateSpyros Stathopoulos
2015-08-17Add missing rsvg dependency; correct license installationSpyros Stathopoulos
2015-08-17Patch to correctly detect cpusSpyros Stathopoulos
2015-08-15Add cmake to make dependenciesSpyros Stathopoulos
2015-07-25Enable rsvg, cairo and imlib2 lua bindings; force lua 5.1Spyros Stathopoulos
2015-07-21Update project homepageSpyros Stathopoulos
2015-07-20Update to v1.10Spyros Stathopoulos
2015-06-08Initial importSpyros Stathopoulos