AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-02Nvidia support again... yes!John A Ginis
2019-02-23Nvidia support again... yes!John A Ginis
2018-12-17Nvidia support again... yes!John A Ginis
2018-12-10Nvidia support again... yes!John A Ginis
2018-12-06No Nvidia support, yet?John A Ginis
2018-03-06New git commitJohn A Ginis
2018-03-01New git commitJohn A Ginis
2018-02-19New git commitJohn A Ginis
2018-02-08New git commitJohn A Ginis
2018-02-07New git commitJohn A Ginis
2018-01-27New git commitJohn A Ginis
2018-01-24New git commitJohn A Ginis
2018-01-20New git commitJohn A Ginis
2017-12-08New git commitJohn A Ginis
2017-06-05New package commitJohn A Ginis
2017-02-12Clean up a few valgrind errors, add realloc-failure handling for grap…John A Ginis
2017-02-03enable persistent view of irc messages (#362)John A Ginis
2017-01-31, Use /proc/mounts for list of currently mounted fs (#357)John A Ginis
2016-12-06Bump version for next release.John A Ginis
2016-12-04Cached versions of get_nvidia_value and get_nvidia_string_value. (#344)John A Ginis
2016-10-19Possibly Fixes #319 (#333)John A Ginis
2016-10-08Try more than one sysctl to get CPU temperature.John A Ginis
2016-10-04Bump version for next releaseJohn A Ginis
2016-09-123149.6c4c286John A Ginis
2016-09-083148.41aa51eJohn A Ginis
2016-08-24-man-db, +nvidiaJohn A Ginis
2016-08-11asciime patch + -p build/John A Ginis
2016-07-31useful commit messageJohn A Ginis