AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-07updated to new upstream 1.11.6rp
2019-10-21update to 1.11.5peace885
2018-02-19Updated to 1.10.8Thibault Boyeux
2017-09-23Updated to 1.10.6Thibault Boyeux
2016-11-15Updated to 1.10.5Archer777
2015-09-19Forgot to make .SRCINFOArcher777
2015-09-191.10.0-3 increment to pkgrel because of upgrade to ncurses 6Archer777
2015-07-19updated makedepends + added paches for ipv6 and curlArcher777
2015-07-01Update to 1.10.0Archer777
2015-06-30updated maintainer nameArcher777
2015-06-301.9.0-4 - Added support for weather XOAP and METARArcher777
2015-06-30Updated PKGBUILD acording to official packageArcher777
2015-06-29Initial importArcher777