AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-07Change maintainer and re-publish package (which is needed by freecad)Antoine Viallon
2020-01-23Update URL to GitHubGabriel Souza Franco
2020-01-23Add missing makedependGabriel Souza Franco
2020-01-23Update to new upstream releaseGabriel Souza Franco
2019-03-13Add missing dependencyGabriel Souza Franco
2019-03-12Update to alpha versionGabriel Souza Franco
2019-01-04Split docs in its own packageGabriel Souza Franco
2018-08-30Fix conflicts between bundled and system expatGabriel Souza Franco
2018-04-02Fix crash at startupGabriel Souza Franco
2018-03-23Fix buildGabriel Souza Franco
2018-03-22initial commitFlorian Pritz