AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysUpdate to 15.0.6-unstableUffe Jakobsen
2021-07-07Update to 15.0.5-unstableUffe Jakobsen
2021-06-08cleanup - intentionally no bumpUffe Jakobsen
2021-05-03Update to 15.0.3-unstableUffe Jakobsen
2021-04-13Update to 15.0.2-unstableUffe Jakobsen
2021-03-05Update to version 15.0.1 - currently no unstable release existsUffe Jakobsen
2020-11-17Update to 14.0.4-unstable - fake version since developer did not set tag - de...Uffe Jakobsen
2020-07-27clean upUffe Jakobsen
2020-07-27InitialUffe Jakobsen