AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-09remove unneeded dependencyMark Wagie
2020-09-09add missing dependenciesMark Wagie
2020-09-07correct dependenciesMark Wagie
2020-08-03Fix: Python package metadata is not installed by MesonMark Wagie
2020-07-03add checkMark Wagie
2020-06-26add missing dependencyMark Wagie
2020-06-26updated to 0.5.6Mark Wagie
2020-06-24updated to 0.5.5Mark Wagie
2020-06-23updated to 0.5.3Mark Wagie
2020-06-22updated to 0.5.2Mark Wagie
2020-06-19updated to 0.5.1Mark Wagie
2020-06-19updated to 0.5.0Mark Wagie
2020-06-07initial commitMark Wagie