AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysUpdate to 211.6693.114Michael Hansen
10 daysUpdate to 211.6693.66Michael Hansen
2021-03-18Update to 211.6556.10Michael Hansen
2021-03-12Update to 211.6432.9Michael Hansen
2021-03-05Update to 211.6305.15Michael Hansen
2021-02-19Update to 211.6085.16Michael Hansen
2021-02-11Update to 211.5787.12 and fix startup script to properly resolve symlinks to ...Michael Hansen
2021-02-03Add aarch64 as a supported archMichael Hansen
2021-01-30Update to 211.4961.39Michael Hansen
2021-01-28Update to 203.7148.70Michael Hansen
2020-12-31Update to 203.6682.181Michael Hansen
2020-12-03Update to 203.5981.166Michael Hansen
2020-11-30Update to 203.5981.106Michael Hansen
2020-11-22Update to 203.5981.40Michael Hansen
2020-11-16Update to 203.5784.34Michael Hansen
2020-11-05Update to 203.5600.25Michael Hansen
2020-10-29Update to 203.5419.20Michael Hansen
2020-10-16Update to 203.4818.55Michael Hansen
2020-10-02Update to 203.4203.24Michael Hansen
2020-09-25Update to 203.3645.37Michael Hansen
2020-09-17Update to 202.7319.72Michael Hansen
2020-09-16Update to 202.7319.62Michael Hansen
2020-08-26Update to 202.6948.80Michael Hansen
2020-07-29Update to 202.6397.106Michael Hansen
2020-07-28Update to 202.6397.78Michael Hansen
2020-07-16Update to 202.6397.12Michael Hansen
2020-07-10Update to 202.6250.12Michael Hansen
2020-07-04Update to 202.6109.21Michael Hansen
2020-06-21Update to 202.5792.50Michael Hansen
2020-06-11Update to 202.5428.21Michael Hansen
2020-06-05Update .desktop file to more closely match the current generated version.Michael Hansen
2020-06-04Update to 202.5103.16Michael Hansen
2020-06-04Update to 201.7846.88Michael Hansen
2020-04-29Update to 201.7223.86Michael Hansen
2020-04-14Update to 201.6668.126Michael Hansen
2020-04-03Update to 201.6668.86Michael Hansen
2020-03-26Update to 201.6668.10Michael Hansen
2020-03-19Update to 201.6487.17Michael Hansen
2020-03-16Update to 201.6251.14Michael Hansen
2020-03-06Update to 201.6073.20Michael Hansen
2020-02-24Update to 201.5616.31Michael Hansen
2020-02-05Update to 201.4865.10Michael Hansen
2020-01-30Update to 201.4515.29Michael Hansen
2020-01-21Update to 193.6015.37Michael Hansen
2019-12-18Update to 193.5662.56Michael Hansen
2019-12-07Update to 193.5233.144Michael Hansen
2019-11-28Update to 193.5233.103Michael Hansen
2019-11-25Update to 192.5233.56Michael Hansen
2019-11-13Update to 193.5233.10Michael Hansen
2019-10-31Update to 193.4932.12Michael Hansen