AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysminor adjustmentMark Wagie
10 days4.6Mark Wagie
2021-03-244.5Mark Wagie
2021-03-10fix typoMark Wagie
2021-03-10add clight-gui to optdependsMark Wagie
2021-03-10add aarch64Mark Wagie
2021-03-09Use any as archFederico Di Pierro
2021-03-09Small pkgbuild fixes.Federico Di Pierro
2021-03-02Upgraded to Clight 4.4.Federico Di Pierro
2021-02-26Upgraded to Clight 4.3.Federico Di Pierro
2020-12-26Fixed shasum.Federico Di Pierro
2020-12-22Updated to clight 4.2.Federico Di Pierro
2020-07-26Updated to new Clight 4.1 release.Federico Di Pierro
2019-11-24Updated to 4.0Federico Di Pierro
2019-01-07Added conflict array.Federico Di Pierro
2018-12-15Updated to new 3.1 tag.Federico Di Pierro
2018-12-15Updated to 3.1.Federico Di Pierro
2018-12-02Added Clight stable releases to aur.Federico Di Pierro