AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-01Solve pkexec issues in TTYPietro F. Fontana
2019-10-06Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// F. Fontana
2019-10-06Remove yaourt, add pamac supportPietro F. Fontana
2019-01-21Add env variable to use pkexecPietro F. Fontana
2018-12-14Use pkexec instead of sudo and minor changesPietro F. Fontana
2018-10-30Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// F. Fontana
2018-10-30Update to the new 'overwrite' pacman flagPietro F. Fontana
2018-10-05Avoid partial upgrades with AUR helpersPietro F. Fontana
2018-10-03Fix owner on log filePietro F. Fontana
2018-09-04Add 'yay', remove 'pacaur' from official supported AUR helperscubanpit
2018-08-29Print 'find' errors in logscubanpit
2018-07-15Modify dependencies descriptioncubanpit
2018-07-08Update .SRCINFOcubanpit
2018-07-08Add pacman-contrib dependencycubanpit
2018-07-08Add aurman as AUR helpercubanpit
2018-06-02pacman 5.1, remove database optimizationcubanpit
2018-06-01Update .SRCINFOcubanpit
2018-06-01Add obsolete log cleaningcubanpit
2018-01-23Add 'trizen' supportcubanpit
2017-10-17Remove deprecated option of pacman-mirrorscubanpit
2017-10-06Faster execution, man pages and otherscubanpit
2017-07-08Check release file exists before parsing itcubanpit
2017-06-29Corrected icon installation pathcubanpit
2017-06-27Error detection and many improvementscubanpit
2017-05-22Added application iconcubanpit
2017-04-27Update to PKGBUILD and .SRCINFOcubanpit
2017-04-27Added troubleshooting functioncubanpit
2017-03-28Updated README, minor modifications to the scriptcubanpit
2017-02-28Better default in choicescubanpit
2017-02-24Fixed permission error in journal cleaningcubanpit
2017-02-21Remove useless debugging messagescubanpit
2017-02-21Added log files cleaningcubanpit
2017-02-21Colored output for pacman, orphan pkgs checkcubanpit
2017-01-29Cleared some warning message, cleaner codecubanpit
2017-01-28Fixed some errors in english documentationcubanpit
2017-01-20Fix to version in PKGBUILDcubanpit
2017-01-20Returned to num version to give updates to userscubanpit
2017-01-20Better '.pacnew' files detectioncubanpit
2017-01-16Added .pacnew file and download speed checkcubanpit
2017-01-16Removed tmp files clean, dangerous for newbiescubanpit
2016-11-19Added root user support, more reliable code, more comments, consistent indent...cubanpit
2016-11-16Added detection of SSD, more clear messages and more reliable codecubanpit
2016-11-11Fixed cache and thumbs removalcubanpit
2016-11-05Added some info to trash files listcubanpit
2016-11-02Enhanced trash file search outputcubanpit
2016-10-26Fixed dependenciescubanpit
2016-10-26Solved conflicts?cubanpit
2016-10-26Improved performance and functionalities in unuseful files sectioncubanpit
2016-10-14Fixed search of residual file, better trash overviewcubanpit
2016-10-05Added file size conversioncubanpit