AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-21upd 1.30.0Khorne
2020-12-041.29.2 Freedman releaseMyk
2020-11-07v1.29.0 releaseMyk
2020-05-02upd: 1.27.2Khorne
2020-03-22fix: depend on community/mono-msbuild instead of (partly) non-functional vers...Khorne
2020-02-12upd 1.27.0Khorne
2020-02-03Update for v1.26.10Myk
2020-02-02Fix SRCINFOMyk
2020-02-02Revert makedepends to msbuildMyk
2020-01-30upd 1.26.8Khorne
2019-11-24Update for 1.26.6Myk
2019-08-15Bump pkgrelMyk
2019-08-15Add msbuild to makedependsMyk
2019-08-15Update for 1.26.4 (fixed)Myk
2019-08-15update for 1.26.4Myk
2019-05-09upd 1.26.2Khorne
2019-04-02upd 1.26.0Khorne
2018-12-03bump to 1.25.4Khorne
2018-11-12updated to 1.25.3 and changed to build from source tarball instead of .debKhorne
2018-07-11Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-07-11Update to 1.25.1Adam
2018-07-11Update to 1.25.1 and added icons/manpage/doc/application.desktopAdam
2017-10-29update to 1.22.6Patrik Plihal
2017-10-14update to 1.22.4Patrik Plihal
2017-05-29update to 1.22.3Patrik Plihal
2017-05-27update to 1.22.2Patrik Plihal
2017-01-02update to 1.22.1Patrik Plihal
2016-12-30update to 1.22.0Patrik Plihal
2016-09-19update to 1.20.1Patrik Plihal
2016-09-12update to 1.20.0Patrik Plihal
2016-07-14update to 1.18.1Patrik Plihal
2016-06-20update to 1.18.0Patrik Plihal
2016-03-13update to 1.16.1Patrik Plihal
2015-12-15Include version on filename of downloaded sources (.srcinfo)Patrik Plihal
2015-12-15Include version on filename of downloaded sourcesrafasc
2015-12-13update to 1.16.0Patrik Plihal
2015-09-27update to 1.14.3Patrik Plihal
2015-09-21add ckan-git conflictPatrik Plihal
2015-09-16update to 1.14.2Patrik Plihal
2015-09-07update to 1.14.1Patrik Plihal
2015-08-24update to 1.14.0Patrik Plihal
2015-07-31update to 1.12.0Patrik Plihal
2015-07-20update to 1.10.3Patrik Plihal
2015-06-30update to 1.10.0Patrik Plihal
2015-06-25update to 1.8.4Patrik Plihal
2015-06-23update to 1.8.3Patrik Plihal
2015-06-21update to 1.8.1Patrik Plihal
2015-06-19update to 1.6.23Patrik Plihal