AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-04-23upgpkg: cinnamon-git 4.4.8.r70.g14e5ccee8-1Eli Schwartz
sync several fixes with community/cinnamon also git master is ported to use tinycss2, so yay (and also switch this) also libcroco is a somewhat obscure dependency and its indirect use in base->gettext is not really so nice; hoist it up directly here
2019-07-03upgpkg: cinnamon-git 4.2.0.r3.g4d1da807e-1Eli Schwartz
upstream release; update version constraints add provides/conflicts, why were these not already there? refresh patch fuzz Fix FS#63047 -- missing new dependency for cinnamon-settings.
2019-03-31upgpkg: cinnamon-git 4.0.9.r73.g05b529767-2Eli Schwartz
update version constraints muffin>= is no longer sufficient, as muffin-git < muffin (stable)
2019-03-17upgpkg: cinnamon-git 4.0.9.r59.geeecd5bd5-2Eli Schwartz
update version constraints
2019-03-05upgpkg: cinnamon-git 4.0.9.r51.gc1820893f-1Eli Schwartz
rebase on top of community PKGBUILD
2017-05-27update SRCINFOChristoph Böhmwalder
2017-05-27add patch for default themeChristoph Böhmwalder
2017-05-25fix PKGBUILD (using suggestions from comments)Christoph Böhmwalder
2015-06-18initial commitEvan