AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-14Updated to version 20200909.Ashley Roll
2020-09-05Updated to version 20200902.Ashley Roll
2020-08-10Updated to version 20200807.Ashley Roll
2020-08-04Updated to version 20200718.Anon Ymous
2020-05-15Updated to version 20200430.Anon Ymous
2020-04-13Updated to version 20200409.Anon Ymous
2020-02-07Updated to version 20200207.Anon Ymous
2019-10-15Updated to version 20190925. Removed python2-suds dependency.Anon Ymous
2019-09-15Updated to version 20190905.Anon Ymous
2019-07-29Updated to version 20190718.Anon Ymous
2019-05-05Updated to version 20190429.Anon Ymous
2019-03-03Updated to version 20190303Anon Ymous
2019-02-06Updated to version 20190206. Fixed files by reverting back to original format.Anon Ymous
2019-01-31forgot this stupid stepMatthew Hiles
2019-01-31Update to 20190120Matthew Hiles
2018-10-18Updated to version 20181018.Erez Raviv
2018-10-14Updated to version 20181014.Erez Raviv
2018-10-09Updated to version 20181009.Erez Raviv
2018-09-06Updated to version 20180906.Erez Raviv
2018-08-15Updated to version 20180815.Erez Raviv
2018-08-14Updated to version 20180814.Erez Raviv
2018-08-11Updated to version 20180811.Erez Raviv
2018-08-10Updated to version 20180810.Erez Raviv
2018-08-09Updated to version 20180809.Erez Raviv
2018-07-07Updated to version 20180707.Erez Raviv
2018-06-23Updated to version 20180623.Erez Raviv
2018-06-14Updated to version 20180614.Erez Raviv
2018-06-11Updated to version 20180611.Erez Raviv
2018-06-06Updated to version 20180606.Erez Raviv
2018-05-19Updated to version 20180519.Erez Raviv
2018-05-12Updated to version 20180512.Erez Raviv
2018-05-10Updated to version 20180510.Erez Raviv
2018-04-12Updated to version 20180412.Erez Raviv
2018-03-31Updated to version 20180331.Erez Raviv
2018-03-25Updated to version 20180325.Erez Raviv
2018-03-24Updated to version 20180324.Erez Raviv
2018-03-18Updated to version 20180316.Erez Raviv
2018-03-14Updated to version 20180314.Erez Raviv
2018-03-13Updated to version 20180313.Erez Raviv
2018-03-09Updated to version 20180309.Erez Raviv
2018-02-10Updated to version 20180210.Erez Raviv
2018-02-04Updated to version 20180204.Erez Raviv
2018-01-31fixed PKGBUILD - removed commaErez Raviv
2018-01-30added python2-suds packageErez Raviv
2018-01-23Updated to version 20180123.Erez Raviv
2018-01-15Updated to version 20180115.Erez Raviv
2018-01-05Updated to version 20180104.Erez Raviv
2017-12-29Updated to version 20171229.Erez Raviv
2017-12-28Updated to version 20171228.Erez Raviv
2017-12-07Updated to version 20171204.Erez Raviv