AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-27Bumped to v1.5.0Konstantin Gribov
2019-12-16Bumped to v1.4.1Konstantin Gribov
2019-11-12Bumped to 1.4.0Konstantin Gribov
2019-08-26Bumped to 1.3.4Konstantin Gribov
2019-06-27Bumped to 1.3.3Konstantin Gribov
2018-10-09Added GOBIN env varKonstantin Gribov
2018-04-09Added GOPATH export in build()Konstantin Gribov
2018-03-28Fixed buildKonstantin Gribov
2018-03-28CosmeticsKonstantin Gribov
2018-03-28Renamed mkbundle to cfssl-mkbundle to avoid conflict with monoKonstantin Gribov
2018-03-28Migrated from prebuilt binary and updated to 1.3.2Konstantin Gribov
2016-07-19Bump to 1.2.0Konstantin Gribov
2015-12-22Initial commitKonstantin Gribov