AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-06Fixed certspotter-git pkgverDaniel Peukert
2020-06-06Updated certspotter according to the new guidelinesDaniel Peukert
2020-05-01Removed patch as it was merged upstreamDaniel Peukert
2020-05-01Updated certspotter to 0.10 and added a patchDaniel Peukert
2020-04-23Unify git pkgver functionsDaniel Peukert
2020-02-04Updated arch definitionsDaniel Peukert
2020-01-19Added an underscore to loop variablesDaniel Peukert
2020-01-19Added missing executablesDaniel Peukert
2020-01-19Rewrote certspotterDaniel Peukert
2020-01-10Added certspotter-gitDaniel Peukert