AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-06update to cdo-1.9.8Ralf Mueller
2019-06-14release Mueller
2019-06-11update for release 1.9.7Ralf Mueller
2019-02-07update to release 1.9.6Ralf Mueller
2018-08-15update to cdo-1.9.5Ralf Mueller
2018-05-09update to release 1.9.4Ralf Mueller
2018-02-12update to cdo-1.9.3Ralf Mueller
2018-01-20use aec instead of szip; thx @mpejcochRalf Mueller
2017-11-21update to cdo-1.9.2Ralf Mueller
2017-10-24update to cdo-1.9.1Ralf Mueller
2017-09-07update to cdo release 1.9.0Ralf Mueller
2017-05-24update to release cdo-1.8.2Ralf Mueller
2017-04-13new cdo release 1.8.1Ralf Mueller
2017-02-14[cdo] new release 1.8.0Ralf Mueller
2016-12-12new pkg-release: added plotting via magics as defaultRalf Mueller
2016-06-28update building logicRalf Mueller
2016-06-28add builder logicRalf Mueller
2016-06-28new release 1.7.2; SRCINFO update ;-)Ralf Mueller
2016-06-28new release 1.7.2Ralf Mueller
2016-04-15updated SRCINFORalf Mueller
2016-02-29update to cdo-1.7.1; add curl support, fix compile issue with patchRalf Mueller
2015-11-10update to 1.7.0 .SRCINFORalf Mueller
2015-10-29update to cdo-1.7.0Ralf Mueller
2015-06-26initial import for git-based cdo aut packageRalf Mueller