AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-17Fix pkgver - looks like the Git history was changedGötz Christ
2019-02-22Adding support for ARM architecturesKim Scarborough
2018-08-31Update to 2.3.2.r13.gd932126e1Götz Christ
2017-10-28Update to 2.2.0.r38.g2945e2daGötz Christ
2016-10-16Update to 2.0.50.r6188.165fc53Götz Christ
2016-05-18Pacman hooksGötz Christ
2016-02-04Update version number based on CMakeLists.txt contentGötz Christ
2016-02-04Update: LibVLC is only used by default for HTTP stream playback, qt5-multimed...Götz Christ
2015-12-23Make VLC optionalGötz Christ
2015-12-10Update reflecting source changesGötz Christ
2015-06-15Initial importGötz Christ